Comfort Literacy Intervention & Capacity Enhancement Foundation

Comfort Literacy Intervention & Capacity Enhancement (CLICE) Foundation is a registered nonprofit organisation that leverages multi-stakeholder resources to co-create inclusive, innovative, and adaptable solutions aimed at enhancing the livelihood of vulnerable households, economic development and contributing to Africa’s journey to self-reliance. 

Our interventions are context-specific, tailored to address the needs and challenges of targeted beneficiaries who are our primary stakeholders with a core focus on Livelihood & Economic development, Countering Trafficking in persons, Inclusive Education, Corporate Sustainability, Gender, and Social Inclusion, Policy Advocacy, Governance & Accountability.

We understand that capacity development and system strengthening are the most direct means of socio-economic development of a nation and their impact on individuals and institutions cannot be overemphasized. These are knitted into the fabrics of our programmes because they are reliable ways through which we can create sustainable solutions for social protection, social justice, and the livelihood of the people.

CLICE Foundation has over four years of experience working in West Africa. Leveraging our penetration capacity, knowledge of local communities, and understanding sector, we have secured a partnership with both international such as the Development Alternative Incorporation – DAI and local organizations to implement programmes and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across our thematic areas of focus viz; Livelihood & Economic Development, Inclusive education, Countering trafficking in persons, Corporate Sustainability, Gender & Social Inclusion, Policy Advocacy


ASA-Suffolk University, Boston MA. Partners with CLICE Foundation to Organize Fundraising Gala for Visual Impaired Students in Africa

CLICE’s Director, Mrs. Akinyombo Speaks at the 6th International Perspectives Conference at Principia College, Illinois

Survivors of Human Trafficking Share Experience with CLICE Foundation

Multi-Sectoral Partnership Initiative (MSPI)

We are open to partnership and collaboration with both the private sector and the Public Sector. This is based on the CLICE Foundation’s belief that Private Sector resources can be leveraged for accelerated impact and sustainable economic growth and development in Africa.

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These include previous and current donors, institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and private sector companies and more at global, regional and local level

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