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Comfort Literacy Intervention & Capacity Enhancement (CLICE) Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization that provides social development interventions which focus on inclusive education, livelihood enhancement for low-income households, economic empowerment, Gender and Social Inclusion, capacity development and system strengthening.

Our interventions are adaptive, context specific and tailored to address the needs and challenges of beneficiaries who are our primary stakeholders with core focus on livelihood & economic empowerment, countering trafficking in persons, inclusive education, Corporate Sustainability, gender and social inclusion, Policy Advocacy.

We understand that capacity development and system strengthening are the most direct means of socio-economic development of a nation and its impact on individuals and institutions cannot be overemphasized. These are knitted into the fabrics of our programmes because they are reliable ways through which we can create sustainable solutions for social protection, social justice and livelihood of the people.

As an organisation, we adopt a combination of approaches to address challenges and systemic constraints to problems within our thematic areas. 


Multi-Sectoral Partnership (MSP): CLICE Foundation believes in the interdependence of every sector, therefore we leverage the strength of each sector and stakeholders to address challenges that bewilder our growth and development as a country.  

We are open to partnership and collaboration with both the private sector and the public sector. This is based on our understanding that Private Sector resources can be leveraged for accelerated impact and sustainable economic growth and development in Africa. 

Our specialized knowledge and experience in designing and implementing interventions using the Market Systems Development (MSD) and Private Sector Development Approach set us apart from the herds. These approaches continue to deepen our capacity to drive intervention and improve the overall enterprise performance through the use of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) Standard, guaranteeing Donor value for money.

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To create inclusive, innovative and sustainable solutions that enhance the livelihood of the people.


Working with stakeholders to co-create inclusive, innovative and sustainable solutions to livelihood

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